The simplest answer is the car was imported. More curious question is why it was imported?

And the most common reasons are several:

1. There are foreign brand new model cars - gaisha (外車, "foreign car") either not available in Japan or used retro cars.

2. In some cases some LHD (left hand drive) vehicles are a lot cheaper to buy and bring over that to buy much more expensive RHD (right hand drive) versions from official dealership in Japan.

3. Personal import. The LHD car is bought and owned overseas before the owner returned and imported the car. In this case duties and taxes a less than standard import.

4. Subculture of auto enthusiasts who like to own American, European, even Russian made cars. They may be not very practical (high fuel consumption, lack of parts, too large, lack of ETC, Navi, etc) but this flaw is overlooked in the name of fashion.

4. There are decent amount of used and new LHD Japanese brand cars usually imported from USA or Mexico, despite RHD versions of these cars being easily available. Japanese people eager to own them to highlight the fact that it is a prestige import!

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real lhd photo in japan
real lhd photo in japan

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