Used hospital beds
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We have our original purchase network , securing of stable used beds supply.

Selling overseas customers directly enable us to offer products at a low price

Hospital Bed

Purpose Hospital
Height 33~68cm*
Size W90~95cm, L200~210cm
Caster Yes
Feature ◆Designed for hospitalized patients.
◆Comfort and well-being of the patient and for the convenience of health care workers.

Nursing care bed

Purpose Nursing/Healthcare
Height 25~75cm*
Size W90~95cm, L200~210cm
Caster Yes
Feature ◆Designed and used for residential,   commercial applications.
◆Own features that reduce the burden of care providers.

Homecare bed

Purpose Care in Home/within Facility
Height 20~65cm*
Size W80~91cm, L180~190cm
Caster No
Feature ◆The low bed height provides more safety and security for the user.
◆Even user with small physiques can sit on the side of the bed with their heels firmly on the floor.
*Overall bed height at highest


Back Raise Knee Raise Hi-Low Adjust by Crank Adjust electronically


Manual Electrical (AC 100V)


Image Type Motor Area of Interest Back Raise Knee Raise Hi-Low Accessories Goods price(JPY)
Manual Hospital Caster \8,000
Manual Nursingcare Caster \8,000
Electric 3 Nursingcare Caster \8,000
Electric 1 Nursingcare Caster \13,000
Electric 2 Nursingcare Caster \8,000
Electric 2 Homecare \15,000
Electric 3 Homecare \17,000
○: Adjust by Crank ▲: Adjust electronically



Step1 : Send Email to us (Please remark that you want information of Hospital beds)
Step2 : GINZAS will send you the stock list of Hospital beds.
Step3 : Tell GINZAS the type of Hospital beds, order quantity and destination port you want.
(We have manual , electric motor hospital/Nursing beds and Homecare beds etc…)
Step4 : GINZAS will send you it’s Quotation of C&F (Cost and Freight, named port of destination) price.
Step5 : GINZAS will send you an invoice after you confirm the Total price.
Step6 : Make the payment within 48business hours after we issued an invoice.
Step7 : Receive your purchased beds at the named port of destination


Q: How many beds can be loaded into a 20ft & 40 ft container?

Around 40units to fill a 20ft container. Around 80-90units to fill a 40ft container. (Depend on the size of beds.)

Q: Can I buy a small number of hospital beds for sample ?

Yes, If you purchase some other merchandises in GINZAS, we can load your beds into a container with other goods.
( this service is limited for some countries, please confirm with us)
Please note that the delivery cost is high for transporting small number of hospital beds.
Please note that hospital beds are basically for bulk purchasing, sold to wholesalers etc.

Q: How to Assemble Hospital beds, is it difficult?

Very easy to assemble. We put a label with number on the surface of the each parts.
Assembly can be easily done by putting the parts with the same number together.

Q: How about the quality of USED PARAMOUNT BED?

TAU is selling the PARAMOUNT beds which from Hospital and Nursing home directly.
There are some cracks and scratches on the surface of the beds, but they don’t affect its function.
70% of Hospital in JAPAN is using PARAMOUNT beds because of its quality.

Q: I’m not living in JAPAN. Can GINZAS export Paramount beds to my countries?

Of Course we can! We have already sold PARAMOUNT beds to Cambodia, Philippines ,Georgia, Maldives.

Q: Are side tables for hospital bed and wheelchair available?

Yes, Please feel free to contact us.

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