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Mini Bike Scooter Saddle Seat Cover by Creation



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● Fit from extending!
● Cover the new car as it is to protect and maintain the seat!
● To protect the saddle!
● To reinforce scratches and damage!
● Excellent water repellency!
※ Although we are applying water repellent finish to the surface, please be careful because it is not complete water repellent.
● Made in Japan
● For mini bike scooter
● Color: Black
● Size
【M】 → sheet length: about 40 – 45 cm
【L】 → seat length: about 45 – 50 cm
● Surface: 100% polyurethane, back side: 100% polyester
● Maker: Creation One

Sheet length: about 40 – 45 cm
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Sheet length: about 45 – 50 cm
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