Is there any car history report in Japan like CarFax or AUTOCHECK in US?


Yes, there is. And the last thing you want to do is purchase a used vehicle that is damaged and will cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars in repairs.


new land cruiser from japan


rusty dirty landcruiser from japan, check real condition

Japanese analog of CarFax or Autocheck is called CARVX. Banner below will lead you to CARVX service website:
CAR VX - Japan’s First Vehicle History Reports Service

Do you really need this report?

Well statistically, every week thousands of used cars with hidden defects sold across Japan through auction houses, domestic sales and dealer stocks. Majority of them end up in stock of car exporters. There is high probability that defected car maybe sold as decent car to abroad. Therefore if you purchase an expensive car or car for a personal use we advise you to check report on the car before you make a payment. Even once you paid for a car or received it, you may share this report to the claim department in order to ask for compensation or refund.

But my manager said that car is in perfect condition and even shared auction sheet to me!?

In sales industry, information we receive from sales manager is very important. We understand that they are professionals in their field and can teach us many things. However, you also need to take into account that sales managers are company workers that both paid and incentivized to sell. They are bias to it. So whether to show up true report or not solely their decision.

In addition to that, 95% of sales managers perform duties from offices located far away from a place where your purchased or potential car is located. Moreover, we would say that more than half of sales managers never visited car auction houses even once. Basically most of sales managers  see the same information on the car that you can see on your screen.

Who are majorly mislead on car condition:  big exporters or small companies?

Both groups may betray ethics. Like the sign says, "if the cash is there, we dont care". For example, here is transformation of damaged car to stock offer by one of the famous exporter "Bexxxxrd". They have access to parts, they sell parts and they have repair garages in every major ports.



photo of repaired car in japan before after picture


front photo of repaired car in japan before picture

Other export companies even with well know brands like "SxT JAPAN", "Axxxcom", "Jxmex", "Nixxx" etc., directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally involved in such kind of activity as well.

Ok, should I trust than to Auction Sheet information?

Auction Sheet is not a guarantee for car condition. Sometimes even auction suppliers themselves repair accident car and renew auction sheet for the sake of profit. Moreover different auction groups grade cars differently. Here is check an example on Toyota Harrier drastic transformation:

front photo of accident car in yard japan stock
back picture of harrier in yard japan stock
accident car photo interior in yard real condition
accident car explanation muko sign explanation
harrier front picture from japanese auction
harrier back picture from auction
auction sheet interior picture
auction sheet r or ra grade real condition

How much this report costs?

This report cost 3500JPY, it is around $30USD, not a high price to be sure on car condition. Actually this price can be easily compensated by the manager through discounts. Majority of sales manager even of low level hold authority on FOB price discount within range of $50 to $100.

What CARVX report checks for?

CARVX history report provides information on detailed technical data, average market price, manufacture date and other important details:

- Title problems
- Vehicle registration
- Accidents/Repairs
- Flood damage
- Odomoter problems
- Airbag deployment
- Recalls
- Safety rating, etc

CAR VX - Japan’s First Vehicle History Reports Service
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