We want to get personal for a second...
Feel frustrated about current sales position in a car export company?
Are you happy with where you are, right now?
As in, do you have the life you want?

Don’t you feel you are constantly being lied by your management about bonuses, purpose, target, strategy, future perspective in the company?

Are you facing changing rules almost every week by all sorts of managers from the top?

Does your company put so many prohibitions day by day so that it becoming really harder and harder to explain your customers these new things, forcing you setting up new excuses, making apologies, hoping to things become better but never happens. In the end are you tired being the golden goose while others doing lazy or play being busy?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are many others.

So let us ask you a question.

Do you want:
- More Time
- More Money
- More Vacations
- More Opportunities
- A Nicer Home
- To Quit Your Current Job

Well if the answer to any of the above questions, is YES!
Then what are you doing to do today, to start that change?
Because, look, if what you did last month, last week and yesterday have not gotten you to where you want to be, in life...
Then you are nearly 100% certain, that you won't be where you want to be in a month or even a year!
Unless you do something else, learn something new!
Now we all know that what you earn is equal to what you do right!

You feel you can do more but need people and a company, who can at least understand you, company that can help you with sales, provide you all facilities to sell cars from Japan, can do things that your company recently rejected.

Well, there is answer for you. And you are lucky to get it right now! You can convert your knowledge, your success, and your experience into big cash! You can get profit share highest currently available in the market. We are not talking about 1-5% of profit that promises your company but in the end re-calculated with strange formulas, binding to certain activities you are out of control, so at the end you get so little. Believe us, this sad environment and attitude exists almost every car export company in Japan.

We understand your worries. We ask you immediately quit:

  1. Trying to please everyone
  2. Fearing change
  3. Living in the past
  4. Putting yourself down
  5. Overthinking
  6. Worrying on passing time and getting older

In the end let us ask you a question: are you loyal to your company or yourself and your family?

Take an action now!

Convert your list to cash! Stop wasting your time. Stop wasting every single day, even a minute. You can change your life. And here is answer for you:

Become an outsourced manager for Japanese Export Company - JDM Corporation

This company do not reveal themselves openly. But we got permission from them to introduce their program. This company is JDM Corporation and their program is JDM Partner Program.

Let us get right to the point, some of our managers tried it and they already succeeded. They have constant income every month and they feel satisfied. One of our managers receives from $8000 to $15000 commission every month! Others who just started around $500-1500 in average.

If you check JDM Corporation website they offer only referral program. However we could negotiate to them and get very nice share of profit. Almost 20% profit from each sold car. This is amazing sum comparing to other companies on the market! You can do same, you can negotiate to them as well.

We calculated ourselves and found out that if we offer them customers for rare models or expensive models like over $10000 - $15000 USD FOB you can get quite a margin from profit. If there are over $20000 USD cars you can get even more.

We recommend dealing with this price segment because of several reasons:

  • Cheap cars hard to compete with major exporters and you get little profit. It is not worth it. You spend same amount of time as for higher FOB price but get less return.
  • Over $10000 FOB price cars are major profit makers for most exporters. As you understand due to high cost of staff, facilities, administration, and greediness of bosses you cannot make big discount at your current company, your boss won’t allow you to do it. However for JDM Corporation it is ok to sell cheaper, in the end it will depend how greedy you are. The FOB price would be cheaper so you can sell quicker than managers of other companies. And you know they cannot go below certain line. And this is your biggest advantage.
  • This price segment deals mostly by individual customers who are easy to manage for closing deal, comparing to big dealers who are very curtained on prices and special discount. The more you do discount the less is your profit.
  • Dealing with this segment you can always make better service and flexible on customer requests, whereas other exporters not much care for segmentation. They count your cars in total amount only on whether you hit target, and not caring on profit. Even though you make big profit, this profit can be reduced due to toxic stock you sold to other customers. This is where your frustrations comes most, isn’t it?

Contact JDM Corporation now and get benefits before other managers get first. Talk to them, negotiate to them. They are very nice people. We enjoy working with them.

Before JDM Corporation we tried to contact many other Japanese companies and discussed on their condition. Unfortunately most of them just promise you same thing, or even worse that you already have currently. Some of the companies did not keep their promise. Some offered strange system with coupon codes, some too little commission. Some were IT companies not car export companies, so they themselves were affiliates of exporters. Some were sister companies for big exporter and almost same condition but with much poorer service. Some companies require you be in Japan. Some companies just get your contacts and leave you with nothing.

But JDM Corporation is what you actually need!

There are advantages we found out, and probably you will found out more:

  • They deal with international sales. They don’t care where you live.
  • They deal with all markets. For new markets you better prepare full sales scheme.
  • They allow you to work with them not quitting your current job.
  • They allow you to quit any time.
  • They pay very high commission (starting from 20%!!! of profit) comparing to other companies and they actually increase it once you show better performance.
  • They can provide you leads as well
  • They are very open at costs of the car and how FOB price is originated
  • They can pay you any method you like: TT COPY or instant money transfer (Western Union, MoneyGram)
  • They can do undervalue invoice and other services which is prohibited in other companies
  • They don’t give you target and do not push you. But they expect you show results in first month. For other months you need to request to prolong with justification if you show poor performance.
  • Their FOB price is cheaper
  • They can invite you to Japan and make full time employee if you are good seller
  • They can arrange meeting your customers, once customers show good performance.
  • They are flexible to negotiating; they listen to your idea. And if they found that your idea is good they implement it.
  • They keep relationships in secret!
  • They are fair and respect you and your skills.
  • There are so many advantages that you will find out once you start working with them.

We hope you try this new opportunity, make extra income and finally succeed.  While trying the program please leave comments. Tell us your experience. We want to know how others do. Tell us even if you have better programs. We are happy to share it with everyone.

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