Movie that inspired Japanese car exporting company SBT JAPAN for massive cold calls

Surprised by massive daily cold calls from Japan? Sales managers of different background and nationalities offering you to purchase a car? Sometimes informative, sometimes annoying? But do you know that there is actually a movie behind this sales technique. A movie that inspired Japanese used car industry, a movie that put companies previously unknown to the global players in the industry.

Movie that inspired Japanese car exporting company SBT JAPAN for massive cold calls
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Have you ever wondered why some export companies “love” making cold calling? Well, there is a story behind it. It is believed that one of the top managers for car export company (SBT JAPAN) has been inspired by the movie A Numbers Game (2010) and offered this strategy to its decision maker to adopt sales style to the whole staff.

This sales technique eventually brought success to the team and improved sales results for the whole company leading it be top exporter while leaving other companies behind. Their style was very pro-active: making cold calls while others company style was very passive: waiting for leads coming, waiting for calls and emails from customers.

Later other exporters started to adopt cold calling style to penetrate markets. They started hiring more and more sales managers, training them and guiding them. Even now, when sales tools becoming more diverse: whatsapp chats, facebook messenger, direct visits, referrals, bulk mailing etc, some old style companies prefer cold calling. You still may see the job advertisement with the priority requirement listed: “Not afraid of the phone”.

So what is this movie about. This movie is about the sales office managed by Catherine, for whom sales is nothing but stress and hard work. Until her boss hires expert on cold calling. His name is Neal Black.¬†Neal is a good looking, smooth talking, killer deal closer, who can sell anything to anyone at any time. For Neal, sales is just a numbers game; you can’t sell to everyone, but you make enough calls in one day and you will make money.

You will be surprised that this movie is actually not so famous¬† like motivational sales movies that romanticized the art of selling: The Wolf of Wall Street, Boiler Room, Glendgarry GlenRoss etc. In contrary because of movie’s simplicity, easy adaptation, guidelines on transformation of failing sales room into a prosperous “money room” it became the icon for Japanese big bosses. For some companies, this movie is still a part of training sessions.

“A Numbers Game” rarely seen on famous stream platforms. However we found it on Amazon website. You can watch trailer and movie itself by clicking on the poster below or go direct to Amazon link. Please enjoy it. What is your impression on this movie? What do you think about cold calling? Please leave comments.
Why car export company make cold callings
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