would like to show the easiest way to search and check cars from Japanese used car auctions online and for free!

Everyday from Monday to Saturday, except national holidays, there are 50,000 to 140,000 cars listed in Japanese car auctions. All of these cars are available to be checked online. Some companies offer FREE or non-signup access to the auction model where you can input required options or keywords to search desired cars. Some require membership or signup, some companies prohibit access to auction module.

Actually access to auction service for outsiders (those who do not hold official Japanese Auction  Membership) is illegal in Japan, and infringe intellectual property of Japanese Car Auction Groups. However, some companies or Service Providers download data from Car Auctions through the servers located not in Japan therefore Auction Groups find difficult to prevent their data to be transmitted by the third parties. However we believe that step by step access to auction data would be not easily available as now.

So, how do we search cars from car auctions for free?

The most popular service among car dealers to search vehicles is website that actually do not sell or export cars. It is a website that created by team of IT specialists that rather sell web platforms for car dealers, car importers and car exporters. They provide free service for viewing cars from Japanese auctions, however it is required signup registration:

Another web link for completely free and non-signup Japanese Auction search engine is

Please visit both websites and choose one that most convenient for use.

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